Why do I need a VIN code?

Most car manufacturers use a VIN code, the structure of which is defined by the international standard ISO 3779-1983. The VIN code is a reliable and unambiguous identification of the car, which is almost impossible to falsify. However, scammers constantly try to do this, and they sometimes succeed, because the main calculation is made on ordinary human inattention.

You can get a free VIN check of your motorcycle on the website of the company “VinRush”.

The international standard ISO 3779, which describes the format of the VIN code (Vehicle Identification Number) of a vehicle, not only makes it easy to classify and identify the vehicle, but also serves as a reliable protection against theft and theft.

The VIN code consists of letters and numbers, the combination of which can not be changed, because when creating the code, an algorithm is used to calculate a check number, which can be used to check the car for theft. Even if they know how to create the algorithm, hijackers can’t fake a VIN for the desired control number.

For the first time, the VIN code was used in 1977 by canadian and American automakers. So far, all exporters to the United States and car manufacturers in this country adhere to the ISO 3779 standard, but in Europe this principle of identification of cars is not always observed.

According to ISO 3779, a VIN code is a set of SEVENTEEN characters. It is allowed to use all Arabic numerals and Latin letters (A In C D F E G N J K L N M R R S T V W U X Y Z), except for the letters Q, O, I. These letters are forbidden because O and Q are similar, and I and O can be confused with 0 and 1.

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